From the moment you meet us through the consistent delivery of our services, we strive to do things differently. Unlike some technology companies that sell you high-tech solutions and tell you what you need before they really know you, we listen first. Our Concierge IT Consulting approach is designed to build strong, long-term partnerships that provide the greatest opportunity for your firm to reach its goals.

Using an approach called IPO, which stands for Inputs, Processes, and Outputs, we collaboratively document your business requirements or “output objectives.” Like completing a maze in reverse, completing this “final” step first ensures that all other elements of your project are designed to achieve the objective.


Station 28 works with schools to ensure the right technology is implemented effectively to enable students to succeed. 


We provide high quality IT services by delivering leading technology expertise, honest solutions, and constant and clear communication. 


Outsourcing your IT department comes with a long list of benefits like reducing your operating costs and improving company focus. How much is your time really worth?

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