Our Cloud Partners Are Pretty Cool

Let's grow together, as one... well, as a big family. 



Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to provide our clients with the best technology available.

Everyday Station 28 implements Microsoft's technology and software to our clients so that they can do their jobs effectively and efficiently.




Skykick allows us to migrate your business to the best platform out there, Office 365.

It also gives you peace of mind with secure backups and the ability to restore items that have been permanently deleted from Office 365. 


Meraki is our go to for cloud controlled WiFi

It allows for us to provide our clients with secure, and stable systems that work.


"We partner with Meraki because we believe they have the best networking platform for SMBs. The single pane of glass for managing networks and the the ease of setup dramatically reduces our configuration time while giving us a completely interconnected view of all aspects of the network from one console."

-Chris Anderson, CEO